The Secrets, History and Magic of Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

Disney and More blogger Alain spills the beans on the Resort’s 20th Anniversary attraction.

According to him, the Ratatouille dark ride has been approved by the park’s management in favour of other rumoured rides like The Little Mermaid and Splash Mountain and would cost approximately between $120M and $150M.

According to Alain the show building would take over the current Costuming Building, but our sources informed us this is not correct. A brand new building would be constructed on the small forest that used to feature the Pearl Harbour set.

Alain continues that the entrance and queue line will put guests on the rooftops of Paris with breathtaking height feeling, thanks to forced perspective.

Trackless vehicles (LPS) would roam free through the show building through sets designed as the guests were the size of rats. This would be accomplished by the size of the show building, which will apparently be as tall as Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Park.
Animatronic rats will be a major part of the story, as well as oversized body parts of humans, like faces and legs.

Source: Disney and More