The Secrets, History and Magic of Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

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Posters for Disney’s Tangled (despite being called “Raiponce” in French) are featured on Disney Studio 1.

Over at Art of Disney Animation, 2 posters for the Wii game “Epic Mickey” are featured on the side of the building.

Changes are being made to the roof of the Art of Disney Animation building in an effort to block the view of the Toy Story Playland attractions.

La Roquine reports on Disney Central Plaza that the film played in the Disney Classics Theatre (which showcases all kinds of Disney emotions) has been updated with new scenes.

These include pieces taken from Wall-E, A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo and Winnie the Pooh.

The tragic scene that involves the death of Bambi’s mother has been edited so that the gunshot can longer be heard.

No changes have been reported in the main show: Drawn into Animation (starring Mushu and a live animator)

Over just a few years, many changes have been made at the former Animation Courtyard. We’re comparing two photos from 2004 and 2007 to highlight the changes.

Other major change was the addition of the Toon Backlot area (the location where Crush’s Coaster and Cars Rally is build). The old location, visual from the Flying Carpets photo platform, was empty and really made the Walt Disney Studios Park feel like an empty carpark. But that has changed…

They finally arrived: the golden statues that originally circulated Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. For now three statues have been installed: Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Tinker Bell. Rumours persist that Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Flounder and Dumbo would be placed on the building as well, but there’s no sign so far from them whatsoever.

In the mean time, construction workers are finishing up the connecting path between the Studio Tram Tour and the new Toon Studio plaza, leading behind the Art of Disney Animation building.

All photos by Grandmath on Disney Central Plaza.

Construction fences at “Animation Courtyard” near Animagique are finally coming down to reveal more of the new flooring. The repainting of the building has now been extended to the queue area were the walls are currently receiving their blue makeover. The wall separating backstage with on-stage has been painted bright white, most likely the primer for a different colour (blue anyone?).

Back at the entrance of the “zone” has the planter in front Art of Disney Animation finally received its protective fencing, which are exactly the same as the other ones in the area.

More photos can be found at Photos Magiques’ recent photo update.

A new concept art for the Toon Studio area has been released showing the overall look of the transformed Animation Courtyard and the integration of the new attractions.

This artwork by Christian Hope differs from the previously released drawings:

  • The concrete has been replaced by tiles on different ground levels.
  • A small fountain is located in front of Animagique.
  • The Toon Town backdrop seems to be larger and features now a sun.

Sources are insisting that this artwork was part of the early concept ideas, so it’s not a given thing that we will see all of these cool features when the project is finished.

The magic of Disney doesn’t come much better than this. Just as the Toon Studio placemaking project was beginning to fade away into nothing, a stunning new concept arrives to show us exactly where they’re heading with the blue and gold makeover. Posted by burne on, the concept takes the view of a guest just stepped out of Disney Studio 1, looking towards the brand new Sorcerer Mickey statue, a repainted and redecorated Art of Disney Animation and more.

The concept features several previously unknown details, such as the appearance of not only Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Wendy on the Sorcerer Hat (from Walt Disney World’s Happiest Celebration On Earth decorations), but also Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and Ariel. The stars, lines and moon of the Hat are repainted gold and joined by several 3D lines spiralling upwards, whilst the base of the Sorcerer Mickey statue and new decorations on the lighting rigs mimicks the stars and lines design of the Hat. However, it has already been confirmed that the redecoration of the lighting rigs in this way is unlikely.

As for the statue itself, Mickey is shown as a fully gold statue, unlike the full-colour statue all other concepts show. The words “Toon Studio” are featured beautifully below. The blue and pink repaint of Art of Disney Animation has covered the entire building, and the pistachio green canopy of Cars Race Rally can be seen along with Crush’s Studio 5 in the distance.

The concept appears to be one of the closest to reality we’ve seen so far, and certainly shows the style and vibrancy this project is trying to extract from the Studios’ existing land. The budget of the Toon Studio placemaking is reportedly far less than that of Hollywood Studio (Hollywood Boulevard), giving even more promise for the entire park, beyond Mickey’s wondrous piece of sorcery.

The latest issue of Disney fan magazine ‘Tales from the Laughing Place’ features an article all about the Toon Studio placemaking project at Walt Disney Studios Park – including an exclusive first look at the brand new Sorcerer Mickey statue! The magazine has previously presented a superb article about the creation of CinéMagique, and from the small preview given on its website, this latest Paris-based article looks just as revealing.

The statue is shown being sculpted by an Imagineer in a full-page image, with a coloured concept art opposite giving an impression of the finished product. The statue is large, very rounded and depicts Mickey pointing his wand into the air – which rumours persist will be followed by a trail of gold stars leading across the parade route and into the planter outside Art of Disney Animation.

The preview for the article reads: “Tooning Up: A sneak peek at the new Toon Studios that will debut in June at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris with the executive producer Corey Sewelson;”

This marks the fourth statue of Mickey to be featured in the park, after his appearances at the Front Lot “Fantasia Fountain”, Disney Bros Plaza “Partners Statue” and miniature Art of Disney Animation Character statue. It will be installed at the park sometime in March, serving as a grand entrance for Toon Studio, with the name itself featured on the blue stone base below Mickey.

The first page of the article also features a previously unseen piece of concept art for Toon Studio, focusing on the Animation Courtyard side of the area. It shows not only the entrance statue, but the Peter Pan figures flying around the Sorcerer Hat, extra planters, beautified flooring and even a fountain in front of Animagique! staff member Anthony returned from Disneyland Resort Paris with a whole bunch of great photos from the WDS construction sites, including the freshly unveiled Oasis area.

Notice also the photos from the new planter in front of Art of Disney Animation.

Construction fences surrounding the new trees aside Art of Disney Animation were surprisingly removed recently, giving Grandmath from Disney Central Plaza forum an excellent chance to capture them on camera.

The planter surprisingly do not feature a protective fence, that in contrary to the oasis planters near Flying Carpets over Agrabah which were installed recently as well. They how ever are not (yet) themed to the whole Agrabah area.

Photos by Grandmath on Disney Central Plaza

The first phase of Art of Disney Animation’s transformation is now complete, allowing it to group with Crush’s Coaster to give a distinctive blue hue to the Animation end of the park, separating it from the rest of the studios just as a great definition of what a “placemaking” project really is.

The majority of the yellow on the Southern and Western sides of the building has been repainted to a cool blue tone perhaps identical to that of the new Studio 5, whilst all the bricks surrounding the entrance have been painted a red/pink and the canopy supports have been transformed from cream to a deep blue.

Still awaiting its own animation touch-up is the Cars Race Rally side of the building and the Sorcerer Hat. As revealed in the new map posted earlier this week, the hat’s trademark stars and moon look set to become gold. The rest of the transformation has yet to be confirmed. With the building visible behind the Cars attraction, which colour would fit better – yellow for an earthy desert look, or blue for a bright desert sky?

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