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Bolt and Mittens, two key figures from Disney’s newest animated movie were spotted along side the production crew (including John Lassester) at Disney Village’s Gaumont theatre last weekend for the première.

However, the short appearance by these characters was the last and only one on Disneyland Resort Paris ground as the characters were flown over from sister resort Walt Disney World for this occasion only…

A new entertainment offering is added to the Walt Disney Studios Park list. Disney Villain diva Cruella De Vil travels in style in an old-timer marked with spots from the Cinémagique parade gate to Hollywood Blvd. where she performs sets several times a day.

Our camera filmed the brand new “living characters” meet ‘n’ greet at Rendez-Vous des Stars with chef Rémy!

No no, we’re not talking about the meet ‘n’ greet location in Toon Studio! And we’re not talking about the proposed attraction either… In fact, we’re talking about a DLRP exclusive living character from Walt Disney Imagineering!

You still remember Lucky the Dinosaur, right? And Push the Trashcan who also roamed the Backlot area of our Studios Park? And then there’s also the lovely Wall-E character that’s going to be introduced at Disney’s California Adventure Park soon! Well this time Disneyland Resort Paris will be the test ground for its own exclusive living character… And who else would be better than Rémy from Ratatouile???!!!

La Roquine reported earlier on Disney Central Plaza about the experiment and since then we’ve had the chance to talk to people directly involved with the project.
Imagine you’re having lunch at Rendez-Vous des Stars and suddenly a Cast Member pulls a cart to your table filled with cheese. She asks if she can offer you some and removes the cover, only to reveal Rémy between a pile of cheese. He moves and talks to the unsuspecting guests around the table!

Sounds great, doesn’t it! Our source revealed that Cast Member training is happening this week and as early as next week or the week after the first tests will start at the restaurants of the Disneyland Hotel and Rendez-Vous des Stars.

Thanks to La Roquine and “S-A”.

Since a few months can Walt Disney Studios Park guests have a meet ‘n’ greet with the stars from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. Each Saturday will the characters Wilbur (black outfit) and Lewis (in red and blue) meet their fans in Toon Studio, near the Art of Disney Animation.

Both stars were willing to pose for our camera to provide these great pictures.

UPDATE: we’ve been told that the meet ‘n greets with Lewis and Wilbur might stop by the end of March.

Poppy the Monkey, member at our magicforum, reports that three characters (Lewis, Wilbur and Bowler Hat Guy) from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons will perform sets during every Saturday this month. Other days still have to be determined.

Remy and Emile, the lead stars in Disney-Pixar’s Ratatouille are coming to Walt Disney Studios Park very soon!

Alternating with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will both Remy and Emile perform their sets daily at the dedicated character location.

From 14th July to 26t August,from 10.00am to 13.00pm and 14.30pm to 16.00pm.

More photos at Photos Magiques.

Photos Magiques has a whole bunch of photos from the press event from past weekend at Walt Disney Studios Park. See the official inauguration by Karl Holz, tons of characters including the rare Mike from Monsters Inc, the Ratatouille characters and Toon Studio at night!

» Toon Studio press event photos at Photos Magiques

More Interactive Fun — “High School Musical on Tour”, “The Robinsons”, “Ratatouille” Meet ‘n Greets

The hottest dance moves and the biggest hit songs from one of the Disney Channel’s most popular entertainment phenomenon come to life in “High School Musical On Tour”, a new immersive show for teh whole family at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Debuting on a rolling outdoor stage June 16 and performing through Aug. 26, a multi-talented world of East High, a place where best friends break into elaborate musical numbers like magic.

Theme Park guests may even find themselves shooting basketball or joining in as the whole street turns into a party while great songs fill the air.Performed in several languages, it’s a showcase of sing-a-along fun that will invite all ages to be part of a new kind of live excitement inspired by the highest rated TV movie in Disney history.

Also this summer at Walt Disney Studios Park, guests can meet the characters from the newest animated Disney-Pixar film. Beginning June 16 in Toon Studio, meet the stars of Disney-Pixar’s upcoming animated feature “Ratatouille”: Rémy, an adorable rat who dreams of becoming a great French chef, and Emile, his roguish friend. And this fall in Toon Studio, meet 12-year-old boy genius Lew Robinson and the mysterious boy name Wilbur Robinson who whisks him away to the future in the comedic “Meet the Robinsons”.

The summer park plans have been updated with Mickey’s trailer’s new location. The meet ‘n’ greet setting moved early this year from Animation Courtyard to Production Courtyard to make way for the Toon Studio project.

Characters moving in & out

Wednesday 21st June 2006 in ,

Kenai and Koda, the well known stars from Brother Bear went into hibernation last year and weren’t spotted for a long time at Walt Disney Studios Park. We got word that they’re now moving to Frontierland at Disneyland Park were they’ll have their own dedicated meet ‘n greet location, near Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery.

In return, new and rare face characters have started to appear at Animation Courtyard: Street Rat Aladdin, Pocahontas, Phoebus and Esmeralda. Appearently management is considering to give these characters a permanent home at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Flik, the main character from A Bugs Life recently popped up at Sequoia Lodge for a meet ‘n greet with resort guests.

This could be rumoured as a test for the character before putting it into one of the themeparks.  Walt Disney Studios Park has always been the home for most Pixar characters (The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, …) so welcoming Flik in one of the production zones would make sense.

More information isn’t known for now.  WDSfans is waiting for confirmation by WDS cm’s.

Photo source: Kawaikat on Disney Central Plaza

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