The Secrets, History and Magic of Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

Cinéfolies News

It had been rumoured for quite some time, but an internal schedule seems to confirm that the last remaining streetmosphere at Walt Disney Studios Park is closing for good.

When the park opened, several streetmosphere “groups” were send out in the park. 2002 Visitor will surely remember the Italian movie band, the Knight’s Tale show, Rythmo Technico, Sound FX mobile and the classic Cinéfolies performances. However, most of these didn’t last longer than the first year of the park. Cinéfolies on the other hand proved to be successful, largely due to the strong cast and its covered location inside Disney Studio 1.

But due to the increasing popularity of the Park, a solution had to be found for the increasing traffic inside Studio 1 which was cluttered during each Cinéfolies performance. The show was moved to the Production Courtyard stage, renamed Shooting Live and new stories were developed to bring a fresh take on the show.

However, it seems to no avail. The curtain will fall on the show after September 2008, without a clear reason. Some say that the popularity of the show plunged when Miss Lou-Lou, one of the most popular stars in the show, left for other opportunities in the park. Others say that the budget will be used to help fund the new Mickey’s Magical Party celebrations in 2009 / 2010.

Will you be around when the Cinéfolies director shouts “Cut, that’s a wrap” for the very last time?

Cinéfolies, a vast entertainment offering in Disney Studio 1 since 2002, has changed name and moved to Place des Stars Stage (the plaza in front of Cinémagique). The faux recordings take now place on the stage, offering a better view for guests and avoiding the bottleneck traffic on the covered Hollywood Streetset.

Check out the entertainment programme for the performances schedule.

You know how goofy Cinéfolies can get with the great performances by Miss Lou-Lou, Miss Candy Sweets, David Fox and many more. But if rumours are correct, we might see another character join the list, a Disney character that is!

WDS Entertainment is reportedly working out some plans to add Goofy to the current Cinéfolies entertainment. The addition of a Disney character should make the show performances even more appealing for non-French/English guests and children.

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