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Thursday 19th July 2007 in , ,

The Toon Train was rumoured for quite some time on the magicforum, but has now been confirmed.

The “train”, which will be exactly the same trailer as used for the Starring Cruella De Vil show, will make it’s appearance not at Toon Studio as expected, but on Place des Frères Lumières (Front Lot).

The trailer pulled by a large pick up truck features three sets: an office, a large Toon Town backdrop and a dressing room. Clarice, Chip and Dale’s female friend (see photo below) will be the main star. She and the other toons will be accompanied by the resident Walt Disney Studios musicians.

The Toon Train will roll out daily (except on Mondays and Tuesdays) from 14th July to 26th August at 11.15am, 12.15pm, 13.15pm, 15.45pm and 16.40pm.

Kinou, a well appreciated member of our magicforum posted today quite an interesting newsbit.

Starting in July, a Toon Studio train with some characters and musicians would make several appearances during the day.

How the actual train will look like is not known yet…

To be continued…

Many thanks to Kinou on the magicforum

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